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October 14, 2019
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Palestinian crowds in Gaza celebrate Hamas Victory Rally

GAZA: Thousands of Palestinians have filled streets of Gaza City to celebrate Hamas victory rally with slogans ‘Resistance against Israel’, foreign media reported on Thursday.

The masses were chanting ‘”Resistance, Resistance, Rresistance!” and the moments were seemed like a celebration in the crisis-hit Gaza strip since almost a month long Israeli attacks.

Palestinians set a celebration session named as Hamas victory rally after Hamas and Israel agreed on Wednesday to maintain 72-hour ceasefire.

Some victory songs were sung on the loudspeakers installed roadside outside the parliament building while child demonstrators dressed up in combat fatigues and holding toy weapons.

A huge Palestinian flag hung behind a podium where speakers whipped up the crowd with chants of victory on the eve of the scheduled expiry of a 72-hour truce with Israel, AFP reported.

Hamas MP Mushir al-Masri addressed the crowd, said that they have won the military battle and with the permission of God and they would win the political battle as well.

More than 1880 Palestinian civilians including children and women were killed in the Israeli attacks as UN says that 1300 of deceased were non-combatant, whereas, 67 peoples including 64 soldiers lost their lives in Israel territories.

The report quoted an Israeli official that Israel would be prepared to prolong the ceasefire “unconditionally”, but Hamas has denied that any agreement to extend the calm exists.