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December 12, 2019
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Pakistani commandos ranked among the 10 best forces in world

WASHINGTON: Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG), known as commandos, have included in 10 best forces in the world after leaving behind its arch-rival Indian’s SSG as 10 characteristic, TheNewsTribe reported.

U.S. magazine Armed Forces History Museum compiled a list of 10 best forces in the world- Pakistan’s SSG got a ninth number while India is very far away for getting this achievement.

Besides, the British Special Air Service (SAS) reached on top position while American Navy and American Delta Force got a second and third rank in the world.

U.S. magazine gave this reward as 10 characteristic which are as follows:

Non-traditional combat capability, foreign internal defense, direct action, freeing hostages, action again terrorist, special care and some others features are included.

Israeli force on fourth, German GSG on fifth, Polish armed force on sixth, French army special forces brigade on seventh, Austria EKO Cobra on eighth, Pakistani SSG on ninth and Russian Spetsnaz on 10th position.