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November 16, 2019
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Sochi Olympics or hacking olympics; don’t expect privacy


SOCHI – “The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics” will be known as hacking Olympics in future as Russian hackers are ever ready to spy into connected devices and extract personal information. They will use malware downloads to access your smartphone and laptops.

So all the visiting dignitaries, athletes and media people will have to be really careful. One of NBC’s reporter Richard Engel went with brand new gadgets to test the hackers and guess what; his Galaxy S4, Mac and Widows laptop were penetrated within a day.

If you are visiting Sochi or already in the city for Olympics than be very alert and cautious. Hackers will definitely want you to download the malware which can give them an easy access to your device.

Well, with all the games and events going on, people will be surely curious for information. And it is very much likely that many have already fallen prey to the hackers while other will reveal their secret shortly.

And the worst part, the access will still be valid long after the Olympics attendants have come back home.