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December 14, 2019
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How many Pakistani athletes are participating in “Sochi Olympics”? – only one

Mohammed Karim at Sochi Olympics 2014

SOCHI – The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is around the corner, starting from 7 February 2014. According to stats, 88 countries are taking part in this winter Olympics. And there would be only one athlete representing Pakistan at one of the biggest sporting event.

Mohammed Karim is the only Pakistani skier to participate in giant Slalom event of Sochi Olympics 2014. He has left the country yesterday to take part with team manager and coach for the event.

Karim said, “I can’t wait to ski on the Sochi snow. I know it will be tough among the world’s best but I have practised hard and I will do my best to leave my mark at the highest level.”

And he added, “I was immensely happy that I was selected, especially because it is such a major event. I did a lot of training and physical exercise and God willing I will come below 50.”

Muhammad Abbas was the first athlete to take part in Winter Olympics in 2010.