US drone strike in Pakistan targeting Haqqani network kills 18


DronesISLAMABAD: At least 18 people were killed and several other injured in a suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region on early Wednesday.

Local sources told The News Tribe that the drone fired four missiles on the house in Sirai Darpakhel area in Miranshah. “Residential compound and a car were the target of the attack” said the sources.

Pakistani intelligence sources confirmed the death toll, adding that a key militant leader had been targeted whose identity was not yet known.

The drone continued to hover over the area after the attack, triggering panic among residents.

Local people rushed to the area and carried out rescue work.

According to the data available with The News Tribe during 12 drone attacks in 2013 American drones  have been killed 73 people including Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders.

Pakistani officials believe that Haqqani network was the target of the attack.

United States considered Haqqani network to be one of the most dangerous factions fighting American and collation troops in Afghanistan.

The drone attack was the biggest launched this year and the second since Nawaz Sharif took office as prime minister following his victory in the May 11 elections.

In almost 366 drone attacks in Pakistan, more than 3500 people have been killed including 197 children and more than 880 civilians. 314 Drone attacks have been carried out by American president Barak Obama administration.

Pakistan’s foreign Office on Wednesday condemned the latest US drone strike in tribal area of the country.

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  1. Semiautonomous Taliban regions and Pakistan sovereignty cannot coexist. Either the country reigns in on its militants, or affected outsiders will continue to do so.
    Besides, with the Taliban weakened Pakistan can bring central government to more of its lands. Otherwise, the semiautonomous regions will overrun neighboring towns — one after another.
    Has Pakistan forgotten that the Taliban did just that three years ago?
    Or that that they have been doing no different in Afghanistan for decades?
    The Taliban is the hydra of both countries and both countries need help to cut the hydra heads off.

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