Bangladeshi Awards on Liberation War: Asma Jahangir, Hamid Mir and Salima Hashmi under attack

An uproar could be heard in Pakistani social media sphere on Asma Jahangir, Hamid Mir and Salima Hashmi over receiving awards of “Friends of Liberation War Honour” from Bangladesh labeling them as traitors of Pakistan.

These prominent personalities got awards on behalf of their fathers work. Asma Jahangir got award on behalf of her father, Malik Ghulam Jilani, a prominent thinker of his time. Asma also received a warm hug from Bangladeshi prime minister Hasina Wajid when she reached the stage to receive the award.

Salima Hashmi, interim minister in provincial caretaker government of Punjab, got the award on works of her father and great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Hamid Mir was there to receive the award on behalf of his father and prominent journalist of his time with leftist approach, Waris Mir.

See what Social Media youth, who dubbed them as partriots, think about receiving this award from Bangladeshi government, who is under severe criticism from Islamist over its alleged atrocities on Islamic parties.

And now see what Asma Jahangir has to say over the issue:

What’s your opinion on the issue? Whether receiving awards on the works of their fathers should be called a wrong decision or not?

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