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November 22, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to come in 4 variants in June or July

Only two days after revelation of the ‘somehow’ confirmed specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the Samsung has officially given a preview of the phone specs.

According to Samsung enthusiasts platform, SamMobile, the Mini phone will come in four variants to cover variety of segments.

The four variants include:

1. Dual Core CPU + HSPA (GT-19190)

2. Dual SIM HSPA + Dual Core SPU (GT-19192)

3. LTE Variant (GT-19195)

4. China Variant (GT-19198)

The fans of Samsung mobiles are anxiously looking for details regarding the small variant of Galaxy S4, which was announced about 10 days ago in New York.

The report published earlier on The News Tribe had given an overview of specs, release date and display of Galaxy S4 Mini. If we sum up these details the following picture emerges in front of us:

Display: The screen will be 4.3 inch with super AMOLED qHD and 251 Pixel Per Inch (PPI) for an amazing display.

Release Date: The report made it clear that the Galaxy S4 junior is likely to come in Summer season, somewhere in June or July.

Processor and UI: The details regarding CPU of the device could be read above. As far as User Interface is concerned, the device will come with the TW Nature UX 2.0.

Operating System: The report stated that the Galaxy S4 mini is likely to come with Android 4.2.2 out of the box.

However, so far there is no authentic clue about the price of the device.