ZONG manages to boost its growth to 34.1% during 2012

Islamabad: ZONG company holds 15.4 percent of the market share which is growing every day as it added more than 4 million subscribers to its base thus reaching around 19 million total subscribers, Usman Ishaq, Executive Director Commercial of ZONG said.

“We are proud about the fact that while mobile subscriber numbers were growing modestly at around 10 percent annually, ZONG managed to boost its growth to 34.1 percent during 2012.”

Usman added that ZONG’s future strategy is to become the largest network operator in the country and his team has already worked on the 2013 growth plans which will surely take the telecom sector by storm.

He added by saying that we will keep our aim in 2013 to increase our scale, simultaneously providing our customer to enjoy value for money and range of innovative product line.

“Our new year resolution is to continue our legacy in providing outstanding coverage, top notch services and valuable products, we are aiming to enrich people’s lives and synergize the nation through future oriented digital life-style”.

ZONG has already launched several services which will help them achieve this goal and one of them is their branchless banking service ‘Timepey’. ZONG launched TimePey in December 2012 and since then more than 41 million worth of transactions have been made through the service already.

Apart from this China Mobile is focusing on the development of more solar-powered cell sites to overcome energy crisis of the country. Usman appraised, “Currently, we have the largest solar-powered telecommunication network in Pakistan. More than 400 cell sites are installed at different locations making ZONG the number one company in terms of solar cell sites.”

The telecom company has also launched a pilot project on one of the sites that will run on biogas and has introduced the multicarrier power amplifier, which helps in increasing its energy efficiency by a great deal.

“We transferred about 70 to 80 sites on this technology. It saves us between 42-51% in energy consumption” added Usman.

Among the five mobile operators who are competing vigorously for a share of the subscriber base and the revenue, each claiming a healthy share of the market; ZONG has climbed up on the 4th position with 15.4% market share even after being the latest entrant in the market.

With innovative technology and thought-through future plans, it wouldn’t be erroneous to say that ZONG is ready to give a tough time to its competitors. And cell phone users will also be able to benefit from the inimitable offers, which ZONG is planning to introduce.

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