Sarmad Tariq: Amazing Pakistani with inspirational story for youth

Karachi: When he’s not working and blogging abut his experience, he’s winning marathons and giving motivational speeches. And Sarmad Tariq has plenty of more tricks up his sleeve.

Sarmad Tariq was only 15 when he had the swimming accident that left him shoulder down paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

But rather than let his disability bring him down, it actually accelerated his progress in life.

Determined to live his life to the fullest Sarmad achieved what many regular people can’t. Today he has a job, a car and is married. And that’s just the start.

His achievements include:

The world record of longest non-stop drive a quadriplegic. Sarmad drove his hand controlled car for 33 hours, covering a distance of 1,874 kilometer from Khyber to Karachi

On 30th Jan 2005 he was the first ever and only wheelchair bound athlete in Lahore Marathon.

By finishing the race distance of 42km in seven and a half hours he qualified to represent his country in ING New York City Marathon 2005 and made history for Pakistan by returning with a finisher’s medal.

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