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September 17, 2019
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South Asia

Students in trouble: Punjab govt laptops use Ubunto not Windows OS

Lahore: The installation of operating system (OS) “Ubunto” instead of Microsoft Windows in laptops distributed by Government of Punjab has put students of education institutes in trouble due to unfamiliarity with new OS.

An English company has developed the installed operating system of Ubunto. The use of this operating system is very difficult as compared to Microsoft Windows which is commonly used in Pakistan.

There is a big difference if we make a comparison between Window XP, Window 7 and Ubunto OS, computer experts said.

“Ubunto OS is generally used for editing of picture and film, but there are lot of problems being faced by students when they open various programs or do multitasking on the system.”

“Ubunto is a quality OS but it’s not a friendly one,” students said.

“Technicians charges a big amount of money if we install another operating system in laptops.”