9/11: Was US complicit or incompetent, questions Prince Mohiuddin

Islamabad: Chairman National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, Prince Mohiuddin MNA, has said,” we need to ask those who are accusing us of being whether complicit or incompetent over Osama’s presence in Pakistan, that whether they were complicit or incompetent, as they failed to foil the 9/11 attacks.”

“Eleven people got training in US including that of flying planes and planned to hijack the planes on US soil and executed the plan, but US intelligence agencies knew nothing about them till they successfully executed their plan. So we would be well-justified to ask whether US was complicit or incompetent in preventing and preempting the attacks,” the MNA from Chitral told The News Tribe during an interview.

He said that US had herself trained and propped up Osama and other people during Afghan war against Soviet Union.

Regarding the intelligence failure, he said that as the primemMinister had said this was the failure of world intelligence agencies not solely ours.

Regarding the prevailing situation in the country especially after the Abbottabad operation he said that the nation would come out of the prevailing crisis, saying that Pakistanis are resilient people.

Prime Mohiuddin, who is part of a 7-member PML-Q MNAs’ group which is supporting the PPP-led government since its inception, when asked about his recent meeting with PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Pervaiz Elahi, said that he met them on their request.  He said the meeting took place in a pleasant environment.

When asked about supporting the government, he said that being a politician, he had to care of the interests of his constituency and the people.  He argued that he was supporting the government just for securing development project and funds for his constituency. He enumerated a number of development projects he got approved for Chitral including Booni-Borogal Road costing Rs 2.55 billion. He said that the road project was very vital, as Tajikistan is just eight miles away from Borogol. It can serve a trade corridor with central Asian republic, besides bringing socio-economic development to the remote district of the country.

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