Over 900 killed in drone attacks in Pakistan: HRCP

Islamabad: Over 900 people were killed in US drone attacks in Pakistan’s north west tribal region near Afghan border .

As as many as 12,580 people were murdered, while 581 kidnappings for ransom and 16,977 cases of abduction were also reported, said a report issued by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in its annual report stated 957 that people were killed due to American Drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

The reports which focuses on human rights violations in the country also lays an emphasis on terror attacks in 2010 as a result of which 1159 people were killed.

Also according to the report 12580 were killed during 2010 while 581 were kidnapped for ransom while 16977 were kidnapped.

237 political activists and 301 other civilians were killed in targeted killings in Karachi. 81 people were killed in Lyari gang wars.

118 people were killed and 40 injured in 117 targeted killings in Balochistan. They included 29 non-Baloch ‘settlers’ and 17 members of the Shia Hazara community. Bodies of 59 missing persons were found in the province, the report says

Around 7,000 Pakistanis remained jailed in different countries. while 34 new cases of enforced disappearance were reported to HRCP. Bodies of 59 missing persons were recovered from various parts of Balochistan.

The report also says that The government failed to stamp out activities of the banned extremist organisations.    Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill lapsed because it could not be submitted to the Senate in time.

791 women were killed in the name of honour. 2,903 women were raped, 2,581 of them in Punjab. 719 women committed suicide and 414 attempted suicide but their lives were saved. There were 931 women detainees in prisons across the country.

The report also says Around 10 million children were affected by the massive floods, 2.5 million of them younger than 5.

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