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Americas Gay Imam Abdullah: the holy homo

Americas Gay Imam Abdullah: the holy homo

WASHINGTON: Supreme Court of the United States (SCOUT) legalized same-sex marriages across US and religious fractions across US are opposing the decision however there is one Muslim cleric who is not openly gay but performs same-sex marriages as well. He is widely criticized for his belief and dissented not only in person but on the


Spouse allowed meeting Zaid Hamid in jail

MADINAH: Pakistani political commentator and alleged vicegerent of Yusuf Kazzab, Zaid Hamid who was arrested in Madinah for his provoking speech against Saudi government some three weeks ago, had finally got permission to meet his wife in jail.

US Supreme Court Gay Marriage

After 54 Years together, First same-sex couple weds in Dallas

DALLAS: Supreme Court of The United States decision is now giving its fruits to the those who waited for it. But there might be no other like Jack Exans and George Haris. They waited over half a century to say “I do.” On Friday, Jack Evans, 85, and George Harris, 82, became the first same-sex


SCOUT denies Google appeal on Billion Dollar Oracle lawsuit

WASHINGTON: Supreme Court of the United States (SCOUT) rejected Google’s appeal against a lower court decision favoring Oracle in a Billion Dollar lawsuit. A 2010 decision was overturned into Oracle’s favor in 2012 when a jury decided that Google did infringe on copyrights. Oracle corp sought more than $1 billion in damages with a claim