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Reaction against Israel: Spain stopped arm sales to Israel

Reaction against Israel: Spain stopped arm sales to Israel

MADRID, Spain: Spain has become the first European country to show any reaction against Israel. Spain announced on Tuesday that it is going to halt arms sales supply to Israel as a protest against Gaza tragedy. Israeli media said today that Spain has announced that it can not continue supplying arms to Israel. Sources said


Saudi Arabia bans male citizens to marry women from ‘four countries’

MAKKAH: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) on Tuesday banned its male citizens to marry foreign women belonging to specified four countries across the globe. Saudi Arabia has introduced a law banishing his male citizens to marry women from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Chad, Saudi media reported on Tuesday. The kingdom also imposed new regulation to


Taliban linked soldier killed a US general in Afghanistan

KABUL: An Afghan soldier, possibly linked to Taliban, killed a very senior level American General in Afghanistan. According to US media, this army officer was a major general who was killed on Tuesday when he was shot at close range at a military training academy on the outskirts of Kabul. The officer was the highest-ranking


Muslim minister of UK resigned over Gaza tragedy

LONDON: A Muslim British Foreign Office minister, Syeeda Warsi, who was also the first Muslim to sit in the UK cabinet, has resigned over the UK government’s policy on Gaza, TheNewsTribe reported.


Israel, Hamas agree on ceasefire agreement for three-days in Gaza

JERUSALEM: Israeli media on Tuesday claimed that they have completed main mission to destroy all cross-border tunnel in Gaza, TheNewsTribe reported.


Islamabad poses hard against Tel Aviv

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s National Assembly, on Monday, unanimously approved a resolution against Israeli atrocities in Gaza. The resolution demanded an immediate halt to Israeli aggression against innocent people, including children and women, of Palestine. Adviser on Foreign Affairs Surtaj Aziz presented the resolution, citing international community to get Israeli brutal attacks on schools and civilian population


Khan sons to join PTI’s ‘Independence March’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan’s both sons: Suleiman and Kasim would join PTI-led ‘Independence March’ that aimed to topple down the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government. Sources, closer to PTI top-brass, revealed that the little Khans have been scheduled to reach Pakistan on August 13, a day before the long march on the official Independence Day of Pakistan.