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Nuclear risk is a real danger: Obama

WAHSINGTON: President Barack Obama speaking at the Global Nuclear Summit stated that Nuclear attack risk can be fatal and it can destroy our world. He said that immediate and serious actions must be taken to prevent a nuclear bombardment in any country.  He was speaking to a conglomeration of fifty world leaders ...

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Apple vs FBI comes to dramatic end

NEWYORK: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has finally managed to break into the San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone without Apple’s help. This brought an end to the massive case against Apple. Apple fought vehemently to protect its rights as an organization. Also Read: Apple vs State: “You can’t take an absolutist ...

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Muslims are our most important partners: Obama

WASHINGTON: The President of United States of America Barack Obama in his address on Saturday urged American society to treat Muslims without prejudice due to Brussels attack. Obama said Muslim-Americans are “our most important partners in the nation’s fight against those who would wage violent jihad. “That’s why we have to reject ...

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