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Fiber optics break the light barrier: A leap in communication history

SAN DIEGO: Fiber Optics data transfer had a long distance data transfer barrier that has finally been broken by Qualcomm Institute’s electrical engineers at University of California. Breaking the barriers for a big leap in communication history. This new study has not only silenced all the “network overload” fears for decades to come by increasing the power of optical signal


SCOUT denies Google appeal on Billion Dollar Oracle lawsuit

WASHINGTON: Supreme Court of the United States (SCOUT) rejected Google’s appeal against a lower court decision favoring Oracle in a Billion Dollar lawsuit. A 2010 decision was overturned into Oracle’s favor in 2012 when a jury decided that Google did infringe on copyrights. Oracle corp sought more than $1 billion in damages with a claim

Facebook introduces new unbelievable feature |

Facebook introduces new unbelievable feature; No need to sign up now

NEW YORK – Facebook has introduced its new feature that will allow users to use its messenger application without making account on Facebook.


Space X Rocket to International Space Station explodes on takeoff

FLORIDA: The Space X rocket Falcon 9 carrying supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) exploded shortly after liftoff on Sunday. The unfortunate rocket was carrying more than 2000 kilograms of supplies. Debri fell into the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Caneveral, Florida where the rocket was launched. It also carried the newly introduced docking port for


Apple Watch reaches 7 New Countries; To 3 More in July

ISLAMABAD: Apple Watch is rolling out to new destinations very rapidly and users across the globe are waiting for the new and updated Apple Watch loaded with new features. It finally reached to Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan. The new and improved Apple Watch is available through Apple Retail with a


Facebook, Twitter and Google celebrate Marriage Equality

ISLAMABAD: United States Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriages came as a celebration across the globe and the big three IT and Social Media giants Facebook, Google and Twitter are celebrating it in their own customized styles. Facebook introduced a new feature that allows to impose a rainbow over your profile picture. Mark Zuckerberg personally announced the


Alibaba launches Online Bank for SMBs

ISLAMABAD: Alibaba’s financial arm that works an affiliated extension of Alibaba launched an internet bank on Thursday that would focus on lending to small businesses and rural customers. The e-commerce giant took nine months of preparation to launch the Zheijang Wangshang Bank that happens to be China’s first online-only bank with no physical branches. The