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Five myths busted about charging|

Five myths busted about charging

Five myths busted about charging

Every one of us is so concerned about their battery life and have made little rules for what we can’t do and can do with our smartphone. No doubt there will be plenty of rules that would be real but a few of them can be myths. Here are these myths busted,


Top 5 Google Doodles celebrating Cricket

ISLAMABAD: Google introduced doodles to celebrate various occasions with respect to geo-location specific local events and international happenings. Google began celebrating cricket through doodles in 2007 but cricket doodles didn’t gain popularity at Google until after 2013. World Cup 2007 – First Google Doodle on Cricket The very first Google Doodle on cricket was introduced on March


Euro-Russian ExoMars Mission set for launch to find life

MOSCOW: The first ExoMars mission is set to launch at 5:31AM ET tomorrow 14th March. The first phase mission is a collaboration between Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and European Space Agency. The probe would find existing and extinct life on the Red planet. Robotic spacecrafts would be sent to Mars to investigate possibilities of extinct


Hi-tech cap hits the Big league

NEWYORK: Baseball players have been subjected to high speed hits at the swings especially the ones that throw the ball back at the pitcher. There have been injuries and the growing concerned called for a hi-tech solution. During last 5 years 12 pitchers have been struck by the ball travelling over 90 miles per hour


Carbon Dioxide emissions at an all time high

ISLAMABAD: Researchers from Earth System Research Laboratory have been monitoring atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels at their Mauna Loa facility since 1965 and this year they have observed the all time highest annual rise in CO2 this year. This is the second time when the 12 month atmospheric CO2 emission level has risen to a staggering high over 3