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Thar: Death toll rises to 122 in last 33 days |

Thar: Death toll rises to 135 in 38 days

MITHI: At least two children on Sunday have died in Civil Hospital Mithi, Capital of Tharparkar, after an outbreak of water borne and Food shortage diseases which has claimed the lives of at least 135 children during last 38 while 32 others are still getting treatment in hospitals, reported.

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Five delightful juices for a healthy body|

Five delightful juices for a healthy body

These juices are not only refreshing but also they can help you shed some pounds. Carrot Delight Carrot has multiple advantages. It keeps our skin hydrated. Ginger and lemon’s combination is considered to be the best for weight loss. They have properties that promote fat and waste elimination from the ...

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