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Greece Crisis: Grexit or Eurozone?

Greece Crisis: Grexit or Eurozone?

ISLAMABAD: Greece has major debt payments this year scheduled a EU 1.6B to IMF in June, EU 3.5B to ECB in July, EU 3.2B to ECB in August, EU 1.4B to IMF in September and EU 1.1B to IMF in December. Greek citizens are currently limited to 60 EU a day withdrawal and restrictions on


Greece and Euro crises: How Greece reached Capital Control?

ISLAMABAD: Greece has been a subject of concern for years now with the economy dwindling and no real development in the economy Euro-zone has been striving to stabilize the situation but to no avail. Negotiation for an bailout extension has been declined by the creditors forcing Greece into capital controls and Bank Holidays would start


US-Russia Sanctions: Russian MP requests ban on US sodas Pepsi and Coke

MOSCOW: United States had imposed several sanction on Russia after its attempt to expand once again however, Russians are fighting back and this time the head of Russia’s Party of Pensioners has urged some serious ban against U.S based sodas Pepsi and Coca-Cola to counter measure the anti-Russia U.S. Policy. “In support of the president’s and


Marriage equality to bump up U.S economy

WASHINGTON: U.S Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states of the United States and district of Columbia is not only going to provide marriage equality to the gay and lesbian couples across United States it would also be bumping up the economy. Wedding planning and marriage is a $51 billion industry in

China to Lead World Economies by 2050 |

China to Lead World Economies by 2050

LONDON – Chinese economy would dominate the world by 2050 leaving behind the world’s biggest economic power America. According to an international media, economist intelligence group has predicted that China economy would rise by 10 percent in 2050 with an estimate of 10 trillion dollar. However, the American economy would rise by only 4 percent

real estate 101

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT 101 – A beginners’ guide to the basic stuff

I’ve been working in real estate for several years now and while most things around me are in a constant state of flux, there are a few things that are exactly the same today as they were when I started out.