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Brazil’s Osama Bin Laden bar attracts tourists and media

Football fans heading to Brazil this summer for the 2014 FIFA World Cup may be in for a surprise when they stumble across the “Osama Bin Laden” bar in Sao Paulo – a local watering hole that has attracted international media attention over its name. The establishment, named after the late al-Qaeda leader, is run

Now, digital glasses will help to express your emotions

Tokyo:  Can’t be bothered to show anyone what you’re thinking? Then a Japanese scientist has the answer — a pair of digital eyes that can express delight and anger, or even feign boredom. Building on a long line of slightly wacky and not-very-practical inventions for which Japan is famous, Hirotaka Osawa has unveiled the “AgencyGlass”. “I

143 million liters of water reservoirs drained as teenager caught urinated on it

Oregon: A city of Portland, Oregon is draining 38 million gallons (143 million liters) of drinking water down the drain after a 19-year old teenager was caught on camera urinated in an open reservoir, city water officials said. The water — enough to fill nearly 60 Olympic-size swimming pools, according to reports — will be