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Five amazing photographs you do not want to miss at all

Five amazing photographs you do not want to miss at all

    The National Grand Theatre stands surrounded by water in central Beijing on the night of Sep 17, 2009. The theatre is lit by colored lights in preparation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Oct 2009.       Fireworks explode over the National Stadium,


Birth order can predict your health and personality traits 

Many factors are said to have an impact on personality like genes, parents, location, friends, and the list goes on. Birth order is another factor that influences on personality. In other words, your position in your family e.g. whether you are first born middle child or the younger one, it can reveal a lot about


Nothing is impossible: Disabled girl flies plane with feet

ARIZONA: A 32 year old woman Jessica Cox was born without arms as a result of rare birth defect. This has not proven a disability for this inspirational and self-motivated woman who has adapted to life by using his feet.


7 stunning science facts that will put you in awe

ISLAMABAD: From the outer-space to oceanic depths there is a world in science beside the everyday things we come across and some facts simply put us in awe. Pieced together are some of such stunning facts where some would baffle you others would simply make you go awww. Breaking the Sound Barrier Felix Baumgartner became