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Music is a Passion for Me: Ahsan Najam

TNT: How would you define yourself as an artist? AN: Free spirit soul with a passion to create and add value to the world and people we live in. TNT: How do you define music? AN: It is an expression of feelings and passion. TNT: What is your inspiration? AN: Queen, GNR, Aerosmith, Mohammad Rafi,

We lack opportunities for students to compete locally and globally, says Ali Moin Nawazish

He doesn’t need any introduction. Apart from his rocking and outstanding academic performance, he has initiated a project Step up Pakistan that focuses on different aspects of education like providing assistance to students, training teachers and improving education in backward areas, and about bringing a change in the overall education system. While talking to The

Chit Chat with Shahvar Ali Khan

Shahvaar Ali Khan is a Lahore-based writer, Pop Musician, singer-songwriter, composer and Peacenik. He is mainly recognized by his first peace song “No Sazish No jang” and now from his second song ‘Filmein Shilmein’ that has been featured in the Background Score of Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and Deepika Padunkone’s ‘DESI BOYZ’ directed by Rohit