Articles by Sadaf Fayyaz

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Music is a Passion for Me: Ahsan Najam

TNT: How would you define yourself as an artist? AN: Free spirit soul with a passion to create and add value to the world and people we live in. TNT: How do you define music?…

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Be original, say The Sketches

It is a two-member band that aims to re-introduce the richness of Sindhi ethnicity through their soulful and melodious music. It is a story of two young, highly talented and aspiring musicians from historic city…

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Chit Chat with Shahvar Ali Khan

Shahvaar Ali Khan is a Lahore-based writer, Pop Musician, singer-songwriter, composer and Peacenik. He is mainly recognized by his first peace song “No Sazish No jang” and now from his second song ‘Filmein Shilmein’ that…