Honour-killing claims lives of four in Sargodha


SARGODHA: Man reportedly gunned down his sister and her three children in the name of honor in Sargodha.

The incident occurred overnight in Sargodha area of Model Town, where all four were killed with gunshots.

Police arrested Nazia Bibi’s brother Ghazanfar Abbas on suspicion and interrogated him. During interrogation, he confessed to killing her and her children.

The man said he was suspicious of his sister’s moral character.


  1. Anyone who doubts there is a hell is wrong. There can be no worse hell than being born a woman in a muslim country.

  2. ahh islam the religion of pieces is at it again..
    wherever islam goes everyone ends up DEAD !!!!!

  3. “The man said he was suspicious of his sister’s moral character”
    “Man”? A real man would never contemplate killing his sister, no matter what she’s done

  4. the religion of peace

  5. ban religion

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