Pakistani student Haroon Tariq claims world records

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani student Haroon Tariq has broken the world record after claiming 30 A grades in A-level examination in Cambridge university.

Haroon broke six world records by claiming 87 A grades: 28 A in O levels, 30 A in A levels, 29 A in IGCSE and 30 A+ grade.

A student of Froebel’s International School (FIS), Haroon Tariq’s achievement had put Pakistan in the global spotlight.

In the O Levels, the previous world record was 28 As which was also held by a Pakistani student Zohaib Asad. However, Haroon Tariq obtained 38 As in O levels and a total of 47As in his O and A level exams.

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  1. This guy is a liar and sooner or later will be exposed. He is one of the fraudulent cases Pakistan has unfortunately had like Shayan Anique who appeared in Dunya News’s Hasb-e-haal claiming 998/1000 marks and being the youngest MCTP which was later denied by microsoft.

    This article itself is self contradicting, 28 A’s in O levels and a few lines later 38 A’s in O levels.

    Pakistani media is irresponsible, you should either confirm such claim from the British Council who would officially verify this from Cambridge International Examinations.

    Surprisingly, Ali Moeen Nawazish who is himself a part of the media could have been approached to verify the extent to which such claims are possible. This guy is being ridiculous.

    It isn’t far till an FIR for fraudulent claims is lodged against him and his school

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