Grand plans for next elections: Election Commission to introduce electronic machines and biometric system

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Election Commission Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan said on Thursday that electronic machines and biometric system will be introduced in next elections.

While briefing media about strategic plan of next five years, he told that current election commission’s employees will retire in 2016 and none of them have offered resignation. There is no way to expel an employee from election commission, except according to the article 209 of Pakistan’s constitution.

Khan completely rejected the idea of rigging in last elections held on May 11, 2013 as he offered protesting political parties to verify the results of 40 constituencies instead of just 4 in order to embrace the reality.

Although he agreed that mismanagement was the main reason for all the chaos in last elections.

In 2013, European Union and other international organizations appreciated Pakistan’s elections for the first in history, said Khan.

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