Ufone gives Rs 600 mobile balance to new customers


mobile phone balance

Mobile network services often go beyond the line to attract new customers. They offer all kind of crazy packages and deals to get as many people on their network as possible.

One such strategy has been used by Ufone lately. The company is offering a balance of Rs 600 to its new members. So it means if you are planning to buy a new sim card to fill that dual-sim slot in your mobile phone, it might be a good idea to invest in a network that offers you Rs 600 balance absolutely free.

And the smart aspect of this offer is that not only new sim buyers get it but people who convert their network to Ufone also enjoys free Rs 600 balance. In this case, if you have a spare sim card lying somewhere, it’s time to use it now. Convert that useless number to Ufone and enjoy some extra credit in your phone.

Wait a second! Did you really think such offers come without terms and conditions? Sadly, no.

Here is how this whole scheme works as defined by Ufone’s official website:

“a) Recharge balance of Rs. 100 or more on your new Ufone SIM

b) Doing so will automatically give U additional balance of Rs. 100, once a month

c) This offer continues up till 6 months, giving U a total additional benefit of Rs. 600, so U have the freedom to explore and take advantage of everything Ufone has to offer!”

For further information, its better that you visit this page.

ufone offers 600 rupees balance