The Taliban Tyranny



Russians invaded Afghanistan in late 70s, C.I.A wanted to be unanimous, uniformed and unipolar seller of weapons, we Pakistanis wanted jihad, they sold weapon to us wrapping them with jihad flag. Doubtlessly being a nation our intention was to back Russian’s off from land of Afghans. We waged war. We won. Russian ran away n got ruined. What’s next? We came back without appropriate establishment of “our boys” The Taliban we started disowning them, Taliban are not human they are  thought process which have learned nothing but fight, war throughout their history. They became jobless, worthless, yet not enemy they started ruling their soils with Mullah Omer as “Amir ul momeen” call him tyrant, dictator or caliph.

Factually they were introducing their land with peace and prosperity without confrontation. They tried and succeeded in reduction of drug production, still they did not know nitty-gritties of worldly integrities but they had war in their genes

Then when 9/11 happened, we ruined them we bombarded them, we made them clutter with “daisy cutters”.

We made them issue after using and trashing like tissue even toilet papers. Now they do not know anything else but war…

That is not the justification from their side they are trying to survive through the fire you imposed on them back in the era of GENERAL ZIA UL HAQ. This is their tyranny and your irony that you had left them then and there after using… so they started showing the gene color “WAR” since you started bombing them via drones or through our “OWNS” instead of Owning them.

May Allah help us out with this peace process. Because we have two Options “Rest in Peace or Rest in Pieces” we have to make the choice quicker than Taliban before the winter goes by.


Engr. Zuhaib Akram (Blogger / Columnist)


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  1. Nation is ready to face these beasts,who r brain washed pack of wolves,not willing to listen anything,what kind of islam they wanna impose,do they know anything about islam,which means PEACE,Our beloved prophet (S.A.W)sunna is to forgive even your worst enemies rather than beheading the muslim country fellows on the saying of western masters.Our country fellows are being killed by these beasts on daily basis,so its better to die facing them & fighting rather than forgiving them & negotiating & moreover they are exposed now,nation knows their reality very well now.