The Colors of Science


Colours-of-Science-Spetrum“In the end, what science does is change the way we think about the world and our place within it. To be scientifically illiterate is to remain essentially uncultured. And the chief virtue of cultural activity—be it art, music, literature, or science—is the way it enriches our lives. Through it we can experience joy, excitement, beauty, mystery, adventure. The only thing that I think really differentiates science from the other things on this list is that the threshold is a little bit higher before the feedback starts.” – “Fear of Physics,” by Lawrence M. Krauss.

We are once again, as a majority, being misled by the mirage of the Golden age or the Perfect Era, where we believe that everything that can be discovered has been discovered. Especially amongst students, a more mechanical approach is being adopted towards science. It is viewed as a series of monotonous, soul-sucking equations and numbers. It is viewed as a stagnant, brackish pool of water. It is viewed in terms of black and white. And as we revel in oblivion, we have forgotten that science is anything but.

Perhaps the greatest role in forwarding the modern, conservative approach to science is by the academic systems present in Pakistan. In a scenario, where a student is asked to learn by heart the year in which Newton was born, but can’t apply the Principle of Moments on a see-saw, we are in a dire need of examining and restructuring the system. We need to foster a more alluring vision of the beauty of science that originates, like all creative intellects, from the bottom of our hearts. We need to witness science in all its pristine glory, in all its colors.

In such times, a product of mass and acceleration that aims to forward science in its crystalline perfection is Spectrum 3.0. Pioneered by one of the most reputable schools in Karachi, Saint Patrick’s High School, Spectrum intends to broaden students’ horizons in the field of science, by offering them a chance to witness the wonders of originality presented by others, in an air of inspiring, healthy competition. This event is envisioned as a launching pad for the scientists of our future – for all those who dare to implement what the books teach them.

Unlike almost every other science competition across Pakistan, Spectrum 3.0 shows no mercy to the arsenal of scientific knowledge, if it is not balanced practically with an unquenchable thirst for application, an undying zeal and an insatiable curiosity. Innovation is emphasized upon, and great value is placed on projects that attempt to solve some of the major problems Pakistan faces.

On the 15th and 16th of February let us revel in the majesty of science. Let us prepare for one of the rare occasions when we witness science in all its glory, presented not by its current leaders, but the future ones. A visit to St. Patrick’s High School is a must!


Anas Siddiqui & Taha Rizvi

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  1. Wonderful News. Spectrum 12 and ’13 were very good. I encourage everyone to visit St.Pats for this event. They are wonderful hosts. Let’s hope this one will be great as well.

  2. Oh, ..Spectrum’13 was good….and i hope that Spectrum 3.0 will the best
    i heard that they are also giving return tickets to Dubai this time