Pervez Musharraf trusts on doctors abroad not on Pakistan doctors


Pervez Musharraf, Pervez Musharraf medical reportISLAMABAD – Putting his weight for treatment abroad, former dictator Pervez Musharraf says he wants angiography from abroad not from Pakistan.

The reluctance was revealed in a report by the medical board constituted to interrogate Musharraf’s health, who is facing treason charges.

The report says that former army chief shows reluctance over ongoing treatment in Pakistan while doctors stress upon immediate decision for his angiography.

The court hearing

Meanwhile, the special court’s three member bench, headed by Justice Faisal Arab, heard the case against Pervez Musharraf this morning.

The court had ordered to constitute the medical board for Musharraf’s health inquiry after the continuous skipping of the dictator apparently on health reasons.

Musharraf, 70, has been facing treason charges on violating and suspending the constitution. He was admitted to Armed Forces Cardiology Institute on Jan 2 as he was on his way to the court in which a final verdict was expected.


  1. the headline is inapt, it shd be” Pervez Musharraf prefers foreign doctors over local” or “foreign treatment over local”