Why Hrithik Roshan is so pissed off? Is separation getting on his nerves?

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Why Hrithik Roshan is so pissed off?Is separation getting on his nerves?

Hrithik Roshan has finally woken up and responded to the rumors about Krrish 3 box office collection. The movie was released on 31st October and it crossed the 300 cr mark. But there were rumors that the movie actually did not perform well and these figures are just exaggerated.

Hrithik released an official statement addressing the issue in quite stern tone. What makes it interesting is the fact that he reacted very late. The statement has definitely given birth to many questions. Why did he respond so late? Why he’s too irritated? Maybe because of the chaos in his personal life or maybe the split is getting on his nerves and he just tried to drain all his frustration through this statement.

Well it’s just a wild guess – only Hrithik can tell what’s on his mind? Let’s take a look at his statement.

He said, “Krrish 3 has done a business of about 244cr India and around 55cr overseas. I wonder who these people are who have been so affected by these numbers and my success. Are they the ones I call my friends I wonder? I would like to tell them that they need not ever be insecure about another man’s success cause all they need to do is concentrate on their own hard work which in turn will help them achieve what they want.”

And he added, “some from the industry and certain sections of the media are hell-bent on putting me, my father and ‘Krrish 3‘ down. I have maintained my silence until now but these derogatory manipulations need to stop.”

Here’s the ultimate threat, “In the meantime stop manipulating the press! Believe in karma. As my father and I do. And one last thing about my father and me as a team- WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!”

Hrithik Roshan is experiencing way too much in his life in past couple of months. His movie Krrish 3 was released and it was a massive hit. But still there have been speculation about the business this movie did.

Then there was the issue of his marriage. Hrithik and Susanne separated after 13 years of marriage and they have two lovely kids too. Hrithik was heart-broken about the split and it’s a known fact that he is struggling to deal with it.

It’s quite evident that Hrithik has so much going on in his life and the statement kind of showed that it’s getting on his nerves too.

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      that randi fugly bhootni bewdi randi sussane khan whiore threatens n pays fucking media to show such rubbish news abt hrithik..these basterd media post anything n try to oput him down,…slutty media just like dat randi whore bhenchod gandchod randi sussane asshole khan

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