US singer Jennifer Grout converts to Islam?

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American singer Jennifer Grout, who fascinated the Arab world after reaching the final three of the talent competition “Arabs Got Talent” has reportedly reverted to Islam during her stay in Morocco to study Arabic language, Morocco World News reports.

“Do you know how to say Shahada in Islam?” the man asked Jennifer in a video posted on YouTube on Sunday, January 5.

Jennifer replied by reciting the shahada, or declaration of faith, saying, “there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.”

According to, in the video, which could not be verified from other sources, Jennifer appeared with a young man, allegedly her fiancé, and another man in an atmosphere of friendliness and tolerance.

“In Islam, we pray. Do you know how to pray,” the man asked her.

The young man accompanying Jennifer intervened to say that Jennifer knows many facts about Islam.

“She knows what you are talking about,” he told the man.

The man went on to ask her if she memorized some Qur’anic verses and Jennifer said yes.

She then began to recite Al Fatiha Surah in a beautiful voice.

It appears that Jinnifer has no difficulty whatsoever understanding the Amazigh man who posed the questions in Tamazight.

Grout, a 23-year-old a singer originally from Boston, has come to Morocco to learn both the Amazigh language and Moroccan Arabic.

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  1. Wielldan Vikers Ampe Mati says:



  2. ishta says:

    does she actually know what she is saying? the whole basis for her act is that she recites and sings perfect arabic without understanding a word of what she is saying! She looks uncomfortable and is clearly performing with a focus on saying the words rather than the meaning of them

    • Noor says:


    • costa says:

      actually the man asks her if she understands what she is saying and asking her in what is similar to Arabic “Moroccan Arabic” which is even more difficult to understand, so i think she understands that she is taking a major leap in her life and converting into Islam, she isn’t stupid after all, her concentration is on the language as you want something like this to be perfect plus when you speak a newly learnt language i think you need to focus on what you are saying so that you don’t mess up at least that’s what i do while speaking German. :D

  3. Feisal Rahimtoola says:

    If this makes a mark in the Arabian market, it is a big achievement! Will this 23 year old remain a Muslim for next 23 years?

  4. Hassan says:

    Wellcome to ISLAM!

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