Male goat found in Saudi Arabia with a capacity to produce milk


Riyadh: A male goat has been found in Saudi Arabia which has a capacity to produce milk, a report said on Tuesday.

Emirates 24/7 quoted Arabic newspaper, owner of the goat, Zaid Al Shammari as saying he was checking the goat after it fell ill and found traces of milk under it.

“I checked its belly and found that it has a nipple like female goats. I saw that the nipple oozed milk. It’s the first time I see such a case,” he said.

Shammari from the northern Saudi town of Al Jouf said the goat is not suffering from any “virility problems”, adding that his father was offered SR14,000 (Dh13,600) for the goat but that he refused to sell it.

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  1. It took a long time to produce it and even then it only gave about a teaspoon full.

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