iPad Mini with Retina Display vs Surface Mini: Specs, features and more

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iPad Mini with Retina Display vs Surface Mini: Specs, features and more| The News Tribe

Washington: As Samsung and Google join hand to go against American giant Apple in the mini tablets market, Software giant Microsoft step up as another rival with its upcoming device Surface Mini.

Apple have surprised people by introducing the Retina Display in iPad Mini. The device is highly popular due to its display and powerful processor.

Screen size should be ideal that it won’t be too small same as smart phone size or not too big that it loss the identity of mini size. Surface Mini is likely to come with 7.5 inch screen with 1400 X 1050 display resolution;  meanwhile, The iPad mini with Retina display finally got the same Full HD Retina display found on the iPad Air.

Processor plays a vital role in the success of the device. According to rumor, the Surface Mini is expected to have new Intel chip. On the other hand Apple’s iPad mini the same powerful 64-bit A7 processor and M7 coprocessor found in both the iPad Air and iPhone 5s.

As far as the operating system is concerned, Surface Mini will be coming with an upgraded version Window Blue 8.1. Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display is running on iOS 7operating system. r model.”

The storage capacity of the Surface Mini will be 64 GB with microSD slot. The new iPad Mini is available in 16/32 and 64 GB modals.

The new iPad Mini have a 5 megapixel back and 2 mega pixel rare facing camera while Surface Mini expected to have 8 megapixel camera.

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  1. esail says:

    surface mini wins! I also read that the surface mini is supposed to come with Kinect features, like Samsung air gestures.

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