“Lady Gaga is the most down to earth person”, Christina Aguilera

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“Lady Gaga is the most down to earth person”, Christina Aguilera

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera performed together on The Voice season five finale held today (17 Dec) in Universal City, California.

They both literally set the stage on fire with their live performance on the song “Do What You Want”.

There were a lot of rumors about their feud over unnecessary comparisons but wait a second! Today, they made sure the world know how they actually feel about each other.

Both the stars had so much nice to say about each other.

Lady Gaga started this compliment game by appreciating Christina.

Gaga said, “Well I was really excited because The Voice called and wanted me to perform on the finale and I obviously can’t refuse. Such an amazing show and I said I’ll do it, but I want to know if Christina will do it with me.”

And Christina returned the compliment with even more enthusiasm.

She said, “this is the first time we’ve ever met and I have to say, when I heard she wanted to collaborate I said, ‘Of course! Lady Gaga!’ I’ve been waiting to meet her. She’s such an innovative artist and a risk taker and as a fellow female, I have so much respect for that.”

That’s not it – there’s more;

“And I just have to say guys, she’s like the most down to earth real person that I’ve ever met in this business. Female to female in this industry, it’s really hard to find that kind of a person. I love you girl and you deserve everything that you’ve earned.”

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