Pak Army’s unusual move to surprise Indian Army

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Pak Army's unusual move to surprise Indian ArmyLAHORE: Showing an unprecedented goodwill gesture to Indian counterpart, Pakistan’s Military Operations (MO) head invites Indian Director General of MO for a meeting on Dec 24.

According to Inter Services Public Relations (ISRR), the decision has been made to discuss the growing tension on Line of Control besides violation of the line from Indian troops.

Many civilians were injured in the unprovoked firing of Indian troops on the border villages of Pakistan.

The meeting, if held, is likely to be placed in Pakistan as the invitation suggest.

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3 Responses to " Pak Army’s unusual move to surprise Indian Army "

  1. MUHAMMAD Furqan Ijaz says:

    Pak DG(MO) also must discuss with Indian counterpart ,Indian sponsered terroism in Pakistan(Balochistan, Karachi, FATA) by Indian RAW.

    • V K Das says:

      Most certainly discuss it but be ready to provide some proof in support of the allegations.Mere allegations cannot be discussed.

  2. Bhrashtabhanjan says:

    This may be first gesture of goodwill from Pakistani Army. India should respond surely in positivity only.

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