Paul Walker funeral; family members and “fast and furious” people only

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Paul Walker funeral; family members and “fast and furious” people only

The funeral of Paul Walker will be small and private – just including his family and few close cast and crew members of the fast and the furious movie as they were kind of family to him.

Close sources of Paul Walker have revealed the plan of the funeral. The family and friends of Paul Walker are really concerned about his 15 year old daughter, Meadow, who is having a really hard time coping with Paul’s death.

And that is the reason they want the funeral to be private as Meadow really needs to feel comfortable. More people mean more strangers which can upset her.

So it’s decided, the funeral will be invite only. The fast and the furious people are mandatory of course as they were very close to Paul. The family also realizes the relationship of Paul with the fast and the furious people and they have arranged for them to come at the private funeral.

The date of the funeral is not confirmed yet. And after the funeral, the family also plans a large memorial but again it will be invitation only.

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