Apple’s most popular iOS apps of 2013



As we are just few weeks away to enter New Year, let’s take a review over Apple’s recently launched iOS Apps.

We have seen Apple making a comeback in the smartphone market with its flagship device Apple iPhone 5S. Apple also introduce its flagship tablet iPad Air and a mini tablet iPad Mini with retina display, company also offer iPhone 5C as a low cost device this year.

Apple also upgrade its operating system iOS 6 to iOS 7, and also launch number of remarkable apps this year.

Nike + Move is one of those new apps which launch after the upgrade of operating system. This app take advantage of the iPhone 5S’s M7 chip, a motion coprocessor that tracks the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

The Nike+ Move app uses the M7 chip to convert your movement into NikeFuel a metric created by Nike to tell you how active you are.

Bubbli is also one of the most extraordinary app from Apple. It lets you create and share impressive 360-degree photospheres.

To get things going, you will need a little guidance to learn how to hold your iPhone camera properly, but it’s fairly simple to figure out. By tilting the camera and pivoting in a circle around your phone, you’ll capture a bubble-shaped panorama of your surroundings.

FightMe is another example of company’s caliber. FightMe for iOS wants you to challenge friends and strangers with 30-second videos.

A cross between a social network and a challenge app, FightMe launched to the public following a beta period that opened in July this year. And in a twist on existing challenge apps, FightMe uses videos to allow users to show off their particular skills, whether that’s a backflip challenge or walking down some stairs on their hands.

Now we have Rormix, which helps you find new music videos from unsigned artists based on bands you already like. So, a search for ‘Beyonce’, for example, will turn up artists that sound similar to the iconic singer.

The team at Rormix hand-pick the bands included to ensure a certain level of quality, and future plans include incentivizing users to become influential tastemakers within the app by offering tickets and merchandise.

Mega is another brilliant example that how Apple is interacted with its customers. This app provides you extra storage capacity that users manage and move files stored in the service, as well as upgrade accounts with more storage space with a Mega Pro subscription, costing $10.99 per month or $119.99 per year. Mega Pro provides 50GB of storage and 1000GB of bandwidth transfers.


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