Tahir ul Qadri coming again after a year’s rest

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Tahir ul Qadri coming again after a year’s restLahore: After taking a year’s rest, Awami Tehreek has announced the protests against corruption and inflation on 29 Dec in the country.

The leader of Awami Tehreek Dr. Tahir ul Qadri said that protest will be held on 29 Dec in Lahore, the City of Heart.

Then there will be protest again in Rawalpindi on Jan 5 along with rallies on 12 January in Karachi and on 19 January in Peshawar.

Qadri was of the view that nothing would stop the NATO supply alleging that Pakistan had been sold to few families.

“Corruption has won again and poors have lost again,” he said and vowed for forming a 10 million prayer party to get rid of looters from the country.

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8 Responses to " Tahir ul Qadri coming again after a year’s rest "

  1. Zohaib says:

    “a Year’s Rest”? You having a laugh. It seems like you aren’t up to date with his activities

  2. FASIAL says:

    Interesting how Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has
    become a symbol of real opposition in Pakistan despite being the only main
    party out of parliament. Status quo seems to be ever more wary or TUQ than any
    other opposition faction sitting in the federal or provincial government. Has
    no one every before mobilised status quo together against an individual as
    Tahir ul Qadri… either it be politicians, corporations or journalists…. all
    were united only against TUQ. Imran Khan mobilises thousands and gets prime time
    coverage on media yet he fails to even raise their brows while all TUQ did was
    a jalsa and a long march and before a blink all status quo parties were seen on
    one platform…. They are clearly scared of him. Can you imagine the JI who is
    today sharing a stage with PTI was sharing the stage with PMLN in their anxious
    attempt to dispel Tahir ul Qadri’s anti status quo uprising! TUQ has become a
    phenomenon and public is starting to have the TUQ fever as he continues to sow
    the seed of revolution in every mind and every heart! me included! I now have
    the TUQ syndrome! I yearn for a revolution too! I eat, drink and sleep
    revolution now! -

  3. Haroon Mehmood says:

    There is no power on earth to restrain the Revolution by the help of Almighty ALLAH>..

  4. rahil says:

    long march just call to Wake up Pkistani quam for Inquilab

    Now start real Inquilab

  5. Ali says:

    Jeevay Jeevay Tahir Jeevay

  6. Nadeem says:

    Apparently Doctor Sahib likes Pakistani winters! Another Drama in the making! Go poor Pakistanis, prepare another five star container for him.

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