Charlie Sheen’s ex-wives combat: Brooke Mueller accuses Denise Richards of child abuse

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Charlie Sheen,Brooke Mueller,Denise Richards

The two ex-wives of Charlie Sheen have declared war. Brooke Mueller has accused Denise Richards of child abuse.

Brooke says Denise abused her twins and also the two other girls Denise had with Sheen.

On Tuesday night, police went to Denise’s house and inquired her about the child abuse complaint launched by Brooke.

Denise made sure that her daughters don’t see the police.

She came outside and explained the claim as “ridiculous” and “vindictive”. She also told that LA County Department of Children and Family Services was already handling the issue.

This dispute started when Brooke was recently deprived of her children’s custody after a drug scandal came up again. Drug scandals are not new to Brooke.

Brooke’s latest claim will be very crucial in both the cases – if it is true then Denise will be the one suffering and if it is false then Brooke is broke.

And God knows how the Brooke’s twins and Denise’s daughters will react to the accusation.

Denise has clearly told cops that she has not met with the Brooke’s twin for last two weeks. And if it happened two weeks before, why did not Brooke filed a complaint then?

Another suspicious angle is that Brooke was not at all in contact with Denise’s daughters so how does she know if Denise had abused them or not?

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards are actors.

Brooke got married to Charlie Sheen in 2008. They had twin boys in 2009. And Brooke filed for divorce in 2010.

Denise got married to Charlie Sheen in 2001 and they got divorced in 2006.

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