Family Guy Brian Griffin is not coming back

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Brian Griffin not coming back

Family Guy’s Brian Griffin is not coming back in the show, reported TMZ.

It is because the dog who has replaced Brian Griffin has already done few episodes. The new dog Vinnie will be voiced over by Tony Sirico, Sopranos superstar.

There have been rumors in the air that Brian Griffin death was only one episode drama and he will be back from the next episode. But it turned out; those were just rumors, rather hopeful wishes of crazy Griffin fans.

Sirico rep told that the Vinnie’s voice has been recorded for 6 or more episodes. And he’s been signed for more episodes already which simply translate into the fact that Griffin is not coming back in the show.

Even Sirico does not feel good about Griffin being dead. According to him, any character’s death is just sad and especially it becomes more painful when the character is fan favorite.

Producers killed the character of Brian Griffin because they want to shake things up in the show, Family Guy.

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7 Responses to " Family Guy Brian Griffin is not coming back "

  1. doug hendricks says:

    when ratings go down then you will see

  2. Knowledge Opinion says:

    Liston, i think that fox is not that stupid and that brian will come back (maybe in the next season). this is because many of the people who’ve watched it protested. in my opinion the new dog is ok even thought it takes a bit of the fun from it because he doesn’t drink a lot and doesn’t take drugs….

    i personally would of thought that stewy would of reacted a bit more (by killing the new dog or something) but it seams he became a bit more mature.

    in conclusion i like the new dog but i will still miss brian a lot and i will wait to judge because who knows mabby this new dog is better and will make us lough more.

  3. Thomas Murray says:

    This is a hell of a birthday present I tell you that you idiots. My birthday is today and you killed Brian !

  4. Thomas Murray says:


  5. Tami says:

    that is sad. I was hoping Santa Claus would bring him back to pay back Stewie when they helped him deliver toys unsuccessfully a year or two ago… maybe three… very sad. The show was good enough that no one had to die….

  6. ashly says:

    you guys are stupid and I wont watch family guy any more you guys ruined it that new dog is stupid there are so many people out there who love brian you guys suck

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