Cambodia seems satisfied over US spying programme


Cambodia seems satisfied over US spying | TheNewsTribePHNOM PENH: The authorities of Cambodia are not yet ready to record protest against allegations of United States spying over the world. On the other hand, Asian countries have demanded for explanation from the unilateral super power.    

According to Voice of America (VOA), Tea Banh, the Defense Minister Tea Banh said that there is not adequate justification for formal complaint to Washington.

“If they do it for surveillance or spying, it is surely hard to confirm,” the minister said, “and there might be no evidence to make any allegation. This is almost impossible”.

Sar Kheng, the Interior Minister of Cambodia said “I’m saying this on my own behalf, not for my government. The U.S. is normally a promoter of democracy, freedom and human rights, but why would they do this? I don’t know what they want”.

On the other hand, Asian nations, including Indonesia and China, have called for explanations of reports that U.S. intelligence agents used diplomatic missions in the region as “cover” to conceal their electronic spying.

Allegations about U.S. spying in Southeast Asia are the latest in a series of disclosures about the widespread range of U.S. surveillance programs.