Urdu books available online for home users


Urdu books available online for home users | TheNewsTribeKARACHI: Indian businessmen has launched literary website ‘Rekhta’ for Urdu language lovers. This is an effort to bring all the language followers close together without any restriction of the boundaries.  

Rekhta is an effort to bring all the Urdu language lovers close together under one platform.  It is an online library which is not restricted to the geographical restrictions. Online readers can get access to modern literature as well as classical books.

Indian business man Sanjeev Saraf is the man behind the idea of this wonderful website. He is one of the lovers of Urdu poetry and thus he started his very own website, a useful contribution for the language learners and lovers. The link for the website is (http://rekhta.org). It has all kinds of reading material available for the users including Roman, Urdu, and English.

When Rekhta started, it comprised of 350 poets and only 11 e-books which has been upgraded considerably. The website is also contacting various renowned poets and writers from the sub continent which could further be helpful for the online users. Through it considerable researchable subjects can be made available for the students searching online.