Pakistani woman gives birth to quintuplets in Malakand


PESHAWAR: A Pakistani tribeswoman has given birth to kids quintuplets on Wednesday in Malakand district located in the Pakistan’s province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province.

The tribeswoman from Malakand district, previously known as the Malakand Protected Area and now a part of Malakand Agency, has been gifted by most rarest five kids from the God.

Peshawar’s Khyber Teaching Hospital sources said that the newborn children include three girls and two boys.

The newborns are in neonatal intensive care at the hospital while doctors expressed their satisfaction over the mother’s and newborns’ health condition.

Earlier, a supermom gave birth to kids quadruple including one girl and three boys in Mianwali district located in the province of Punjab on October 4 .

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  1. Pakistanis people had genitically enginered themself to produce more number of kids to make the world overpopulated.

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