Windows 8.1 tips, secrets and more



The software giant Microsoft release another flagship computer operating system Windows 8.1 with some intresting features, here are the things you should know about it.

Windows 8.1 look a lot like Windows 8, but the new operating system bring some interesting changes.

If you’re just getting started with Microsoft’s newest operating system, these tips and tricks will turn you into an 8.1 wizard in no time at all from booting straight to the desktop to creating system backups, there’s plenty to explore in the latest release.

Desktop boot option:

Microsoft skip the start button from the desktop just like Windows 8, Right-click on the taskbar, choose ‘Properties’, then switch to the Navigation tab. Tick the ‘Go to the desktop…’ option to load it first instead of the Start screen.

Find your apps:

Windows 8.1 offer you to pin few apps on the Start screen and has moved the location of the full apps list – you can now find it by clicking on the down arrow in the lower left corner. Click or tap the drop-down menu by the Apps heading to change how the items are sorted.


In Windows 8.1 you can set your Start screen wallpaper to the same image used for the desktop wallpaper. Open up the ‘Personalise’ link from the Settings charm on the Start screen and your current desktop backdrop will be one of the available thumbnails.

Quick shutdown:

Windows 8.1 retains the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click in the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop, but there are some new options. You can now shut the system down or log out of your account from here, rather than going through the Settings charm.

App tiles

It’s not exactly a headline feature, but Windows 8.1 gives you more control over the size of your app tiles on the Start screen. Right-click on a tile, choose ‘Resize’ from the menu at the bottom and there are four different options to pick from: Large, Wide, Medium and Small.

Save to SkyDrive

Windows 8.1 goes even further with SkyDrive integration than Windows 8 did – you can have all of your applications save to your SkyDrive folder by default. Open up the Change PC Settings screen, choose SkyDrive and the relevant setting is on the Files tab.

Sound the alarm:

Windows 8.1 has a brand new Alarms app that you can access from the Start screen. You can configure multiple alarms and choose from a variety of ringtones to wake you up or act as a reminder for something.

Edit your pictures:

The Start screen Photos app has been given some basic editing tools in 8.1. Open up an image and you’ll find autofix shortcuts, tools for adjusting colours and shades, and rotate and crop options.


  1. I’m disappointed they didn’t include a clock or just showed the taskbar in the Start but the Alarm/Timer/Stopwatch is a great addition but I haven’t tried to see if it actually connects with the RTC to power up the system when shutdown but I guess that’d be very unlikely.