Hajj 2013 miracle? Blind Sudanese woman Fatima Al Malhi starts to see again


Blind Sudanese Woman

In what said to be a miracle, an old Sudanese woman who lost her sight nearly seven years ago says she started to see again just a few days after arriving in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj 2013.

Fatima Al Malhi said several operations at home had failed to cure her blindness, adding that she did not lose hope of restoring her sight. “I was hopeful I will see again when I go to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage,” Emirates247 reports.

“I spent a few days at the Grand Mosque praying to God the Almighty to cure me,” she said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Okza. “I was sitting at a corner at the Grand Mosque when suddenly the blackness cleared off my eyes and I started to see

“I could not believe what happened to me. I could see my son for the first time in seven years and I can now move without help from any one.”