Google doodles Uganda Independence Day 2013


Google is celebrating the 51s t birthday of Uganda with a colourful doodle in the country.

Uganda gained independence from Britain on 9 October 1962. The history of Uganda from 1962 through 1971 comprises the history of Uganda from Ugandanindependence from the United Kingdom to the rise of the dictator Idi Amin.

Early independent Uganda during this period was dominated by the regime of Milton Obote, Uganda’s first Prime Minister and subsequently President, whom after being deposed by Amin would later return to power in the 1980s.

Uganda takes its name from the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion of the south of the country including the capital Kampala.

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2 thoughts on “Google doodles Uganda Independence Day 2013

  1. katimbuga

    GOOGLE, this is really embarrassing. Uganda haunts and executes people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. What a misery 51 years later when lgbti people are killed for who they are


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