Eid ul Adha 2013 moon sighting on Oct 6 likely in Pakistan


Eid-ul-Adha-2013-in-PakistaISLAMABAD: Pakistanis are likely to celebrated the second biggest religious event of Eid al Adhha on Oct 16 as moon sighting is likely be taken place on this Sunday.

“The moon’s age will be of 36 hours on October 6 and for moon sighting the moon should be of 31 hours,” Pakistan Met Department said.

The event is celebrated in loving memory of Prophet Abraham or Ibrahim’s sacrifice of his son for the Sake of Allah. During the four days of celebrations, Muslims across the globe sacrifice animals and distribute the meat to needy persons to share the happiness.

The News Tribe’s special correspondent says that moon sighting will be possible within 41 minutes after the Sun sets on Sunday.

“The crescent is likely to be easily witnessed in Peshawar and Karachi cities,” the Met officials further said.