‘Indian Army behind insurgency in Pakistan’

Indian-Army-Cheif-VK-SInghNEW DELHI: Indian News Paper ‘Hindustan Times’ reveals that Indian army carried out secret missions on ‘selective countries’ including Pakistan. Lashkar-e-Taiba was also contacted for that purpose so as to create insurgency in enemy countries.  

Military intelligence unit of Indian army was involved in carrying out various secret missions within Pakistan. This across the border activity under the approval of Vice Army Chief and Director General Military VK Singh as revealed by Indian Newspaper ‘Hindustan Times’.  When the newspaper authorities contacted army officials said that the unit Technical Services Division (TSD) has been shutdown and only few senior officials of army know about it.

The spokesperson of army said that it is up to the defence minister to call for an inquiry for that matter. According the most secretive unit report, the secret missions have been carried out in those countries who are enlisted as enemies and work against Indian interests and who are destabilising peace in Indian Territory.

The report also said that Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence must be defeated as it is against the state affairs. The newspaper previously revealed that this unit was created on the orders of Ministry of Defence after Mumbai bomb blasts incident.

According to the report, former Indian Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral ordered for shutting down all secret missions in 1997.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s representative got worried over the revelation and asked why such a report has been made public at this point of time.

The newspaper also revealed that TSD was made for the purpose of advanced reporting of security threats to the Indian Military officials.

It also carried out several operations such as operation Rehbar in Kashmir, operation Seven Sisters in East and Operation Deep Strike in areas of Pakistan.

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  1. Proud to be Muslim said:

    India k bhen no lun.India k tukry tukry kar dy gy. Saly ghulamo hinduo. Muslamano ny 1000 saal tm py hakumaat k. tm on ki tati chat ty thy. bhaosri walo hindu

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  3. Muhammad Farooq said:

    I am a Pakistani and a Muslim. I do ot understand why we Pakistanis and Indians can not live in harmony and peace. Living in harmony will make our nation prosper. Love should prevail and hatred must die out. Be friends not foe.

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    • cricmaster said:

      hahaha. according to a poll by bbc. pakistan is the second most hated country in the world. According to the poll results, Pakistan is the only country which rated its own influence as negative.

  5. Waqar Shaikh said:

    kitney operation kiyeh hain lekin kuch bighadh nai paaye…..
    laanti gandu rapistaani

  6. Waqar Shaikh said:

    i wish the india will never exist in future IN SHAA ALLAH….. india will destroyed by pakistan in future…… hindu sirf bhonktey hain saazishein kartey hain lekin ek din hindu baniye ka anjaam buhatt kharaab hoga

    • Mahender Singh said:

      why some one needs to kills muslims , muslims will kills themselves , see as in syria and other muslim countries

      • naveed hassan said:

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    • amrik said:

      in that case why did pakistan lose all wars to india and you get ur ass whooped all over the world, even the USA went in ur country and took bin laden and u were sleeping praying to a nonexistant god LOL

      • naveed said:

        well who says we lost all wars go out and read history ……slumdog millionaire :)

      • Ahmed said:

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  7. Davanand Singh said:

    For a general that studied in the United States of America it’s really dubious an operation of this nature has been leak or in other words investigated. What would have happen if America’s covert operation to capture Osama Bin Laden had been leak or investigated? General Bikram Singh have been doing many improvements in the army, that’s a job well done. But this time something must have tip him off, I hope it is not being scared to take an offense step, especially knowing the country is constantly being attack by these invaders.

  8. Davanand Singh said:

    What is the purpose of revealing V.K.Singh secret mission and directives in the nation’s interest? This is not treason or in any violation as some may have thought. P.A.K.S.T.A.N. is our land taken away from the people of India by invaders. Just take a good look at the map below. How are we going to survive when our land is being taken away from us piece by piece? my last question, how did General Bikram Singh get information that V.K Singh had a covert operation? Why did General Bikram Singh stop the former general from his operation, there has to be something more to it. As a General in the field for so many years Bikram Singh has disappointed me. What are these two generals fighting for, one hand there is fight for supremacy and on the other there’s fight for our land, so who are we going to choose?

      • Davanand Singh said:

        You should get a life of our own and stop knocking on someone else door when the rain is down, don’t trespass and like you said we’re indeed not in 265 B.C. So why don’t you sleep on your bed maybe it’s wet, you people are like beggars, so disgusting.

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      • ali said:

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        • cric master said:

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    • Waqar Shaikh said:

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