National treasure used to appropriate for wine of Pakistani high commission


Pakistani-High-Commission-ULONDON: Pakistanis usually complain of crises and its higher officials have to reside on foreign aid every now and then.

On the other hand, the representatives of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in foreign countries are too busy on spending the government funds in their sinful deeds.

As the local newspaper ‘Nai Baat’ reports, the expenses of wine was beard by the national treasury and is mostly for foreign guests or high commission officials themselves.

Sources claim that RUSSIANVODKA and SCOTCHWHISK which is famous as DEWAR’SWHITELABEL Whereas CHACALLIDEDECKER company is present outside London in state of THORPE. This company provides tax and duty free services to high commission officials.

Sources said that Pakistani High Commission were issued wine on their official account no. 13905183 amounting 379.20 British Pounds.

Boxes of wines were found in Pakistani high commissioners reception office. When inquired about it, the officials said that it is not wine although complete record is present about it. Pakistan is an Islamic republic and thus for this purpose, wine is banished not only in the country but also in high commission offices.

 During the tenure of PPP government, ex. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf visited England during which wine was presented by the reception to the guests.


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