Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro release date: Company invites press on Sept 23



Microsoft is expected to release its next generation Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets on September 23.

The company has invited the press to attend an event on Sept. 23 and according to ZDNet, Microsoft may unveil both a Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The new Surface tablet is rumored to look just like the current model with

a 10.6-inch display

Windows RT 8.1 operating system

An eight-hour battery life

a USB 3.0 port

support 1080p video

run on an ARM chip

Expected price: $349.

The Surface Pro 2 is rumored to run on Intel’s Core i5 “Haswell” processor

8 gigabytes of RAM

a redesigned kickstand

Windows 8.1 preinstalled

Expected Price is: $799

Those hoping to hear news of a Surface mini may have to wait. According to the Verge, Microsoft will not be announcing a smaller tablet.