PIA privatization: stakeholders rejects federal govt stance



LAHORE: Stakeholders of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) strongly opposed the federal government over privatisation of the country biggest airlines due to its significant losses during last few years.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N)-led federal government had signalled complete or partial privatisation of PIA in order to void major load on national treasury which immediately faced criticism from the stakeholders of the organisation.

Sources said that all stakeholders have unified to confront the federal government’s decision for privatisation of PIA.

The united opposition stated their stance that Pakistan government will lose an important organisation in case of complete privatisation, on the other hand, the federal authorities have to pay Rs200 billion in term of loans and dues which put heavy burden on the national treasury.

Whereas, the government could control the declining situation of the airlines if they sell 20 to 30 per cent shares instead of complete privatisation.